What is a HOLIDAY ?…

Its time dedicated to explore and be free doing things you truly enjoy…

A holiday is Freedom. …..and Life can be your Holiday.

You have come to a place which represents a passion for creativity and art….. from all different places of inspiration in life. A love for the ability to freely decorate the body using unique forms of wearable art.


The collection

All my designs come from the heart and are a genuine appreciation of many sources of inspiration including world cultures, tribal art themes, nature, and are expressed through modern bold design.

HOLIDAY loves all things unique… and aims only to share something special.

Discover ‘Holiday’

Most pieces are one off or custom hand made designs, ensuring that the work stays exclusive to each unique individual who chooses it as their own. These are statement creations made to turn heads and add character & excitement to everyday life.

Quality is a priority and why I take pride in using only the best sources and finishes for every design. I draw inspiration from the world yet also want to protect it, and therefore choose sustainable methods while minimising waste as much as possible.

Most importantly my wish to Inspire and show you that life should be lived doing what you love while enjoying your own unique journey.

This is my Journey…..this is my Holiday.